Why Your Shouldn’t Skip that Oil Change Appointment

Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays… and the date on the sticker on your windshield.

There are a lot of important dates to remember in life. And the day of your next needed oil change should definitely be on the list.

An oil change: your vehicle’s knight in shining armor

There are some auto maintenance measures that are non-negotiable; an routine oil change holds a place at the top of the list. Our vehicle relies on clean oil for a few key reasons:

  • Clean oil keeps your vehicle’s engine well-lubricated. Your engine is comprised of a myriad of parts, and each one relies on oil to keep them lubricated and ready for business. When your vehicle is in use, these parts move quickly, which conducts heat. If your oil is low or dirty, your engine can’t function smoothly.
  • Clean oil helps your vehicle last longer. No one wants to invest in an engine replacement. When you stay on top of your oil change schedule, you ensure that your engine doesn’t have to work overtime – and that its longevity doesn’t suffer as a result.
  • Clean oil improves fuel efficiency. With a routine oil change, your vehicle will perform better, and you’ll make fewer trips to the gas station!

Stay up-to-date with your oil change schedule

Matt’s Auto Service & Parts is here to make your vehicle maintenance experience simpler. And our routine oil change service stands at the crux of it. When you turn to our team, you’re getting:

  • Quality: We only use top-grade oil for your vehicle, so you get better performance (and can go longer between oil changes)
  • Peace of mind: We’ll help you map our the best oil change schedule for your vehicle, so you don’t have to do any guesswork
  • Efficiency: Quality service doesn’t have to take forever. We take pride in bringing a high caliber – and swift – oil change solution to your vehicle.

An oil change is a simple part of your auto maintenance schedule. It’s also critically important. Get the best for your vehicle with the help of our mechanics!